New Collaborative Album, ‘My Heart of Noise’, with Möller Records out on April 6 2023

My Heart Of Noise is a collaborative album created by UK-based Turkish musician Elif Yalvaç for the Icelandic label Möller Records. It builds on the music and travels that led to her creating Mountains Become Stepping Stones (NNA Tapes, 2020) with the collaborative composition approach of Green Drift (Expert Sleepers, 2022).


releases April 6, 2023

Recorded, mixed and produced by Elif Yalvaç. Mastering: James Armstrong. Album cover: Kristinn Þeyr Magnusson.

Elif Yalvaç: Guitar, synthesizer, game boy, field recording, laptop
Wilma Hultén (Sweden): Synthesizer, laptop
Kristoffer Lislegaard (Norway): Synthesizer, laptop
Saaramaija Żórawski (Finland): voice, field recordings (with Antti Kainulainen)
Magnús Bergsson (Iceland): Field recordings
Ríkharður H Friðriksson (Iceland): Guitar
Daniele Moog Girolamo (Italy-Iceland): Tape recorder, guitar
Jesper Pedersen (Denmark-Iceland): Modular synthesizer, field recordings
Charles Ross (Scotland-Iceland): Yakutian fiddle, Yakutian jews harp, panpipe, Indian harmonium, field recordings
Asalaus (Iceland): Guitar, field recordings
Michael Bearpark: Morleytron

New Video for ‘Green Cathedral’ from ‘Green Drift’ released with Expert Sleepers (2022)

Green Cathedral is one of the special places that inspired Elif Yalvaç to create the album Green Drift (Expert Sleepers, 2022) with Andrew Ostler. It represents a healing place and a new life, alongside darkness, strangeness, and magic.
Video Directed by Arber & Michael Bearpark
Filmed & edited by Arber
Andrew Ostler: Bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, synthesiser
Elif Yalvaç: Guitar, synthesiser, laptop
Michael Bearpark: Morleytron
Recorded by Elif Yalvaç and Andrew Ostler
Produced and mixed by Elif Yalvaç

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