Diaries Of Destruction

Elif Yalvaç announces new project and album Diaries of Destruction with Arber and Michael Bearpark and Bryan Beller guesting on bass

Compared to Elif’s previous work, Diaries of Destruction has a looser feel and a more aggressive and abrasive energy. It focuses on a spirit in music rather than any specific genre, while embracing experimental rock, industrial noise, ambient music, musique concrètepsychedelia, electronica, and more.

In Bryan Beller’s words: “Diaries of Destruction is a project led by Hazal Elif Yalvaç, drawing on the darker, moodier, more contemplative side of Aphex Twin and Nine Inch Nails and many other influences … The whole album is a wonderful sounding, hypnosis-inducing, bit-crunching reflection of where we find ourselves today.”

From Enis Gümüş (composer, performer, and sound artist from Turkey): “It has glimpses of ambient music through the overall spatial effects, alongside an ode to rock, post rock, and noise, as well as psychedelic genres and soundscape. At times, it almost extends to trip-hop and UK-style electronica… It has an aesthetic integrity; the music never loses its continuity and consistency.

Artwork: Arber 

Cover image: Joe Bearpark 

Executive Producer: Michael Bearpark 

Michael Bearpark: Guitar, Morleytron 

Hazal Elif Yalvaç: Baritone guitar, Game Boy, field recordings, synths, drum programming 

Arber: Guitar, found sounds, synths, drum programming 

Bryan Beller: Bass, bass solos (Defences Against Emptiness) 

Duf: Bass (Fighting The Lightning)